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In Dural NSW on “Seniors Housing Development” at Lot 2A Dp 158064 and Lot 1 Dp 230172 Nos. 3 Quarry Road and 4 Vineys Road, Dural:

Concerned resident commented

Hi .

No Doubt it will be a nice seniors centre, but
There is already a seniors home 100 meters down the road .
You approve this and another one will pop up another 100 meters up the road and another and another . ....
Dural will have the oldest population in Australia. I am not opposed to senior homes , but we already have a few in the area and more and more will pop up everywhere if this gets approved. Do you really want A seniors home to pop up next to your home or yours or yours , it’s about to happen And it will push young growing families to move away from Dural giving way to all these Pop ups everywhere. Pop,pop,pop....
imagine a seniors home was built next to your 5acres , what will you do??? Move out of your beautiful home ? Stay? Sell off to another developer to build more senior homes ?
It’s like having a block of units next to your peaceful 5 acres, your beautiful view will now be a bunch of brick walls, more traffic ,noise, less privacy.
Just because the zoning allows it , it Doesn’t mean it’s right for the area.
Here is a question. If this gets approved , how many more will council approve in Dural ? Consider each one by its merit council will say. That means another one will soon pop up next to your home .
Can council say this will be the last one approved ?

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