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In Launceston TAS on “General Retail and Hire -...” at 80A-88 Charles Street Launceston TAS 7250:

Tara Badcock wrote to local councillor Albert van Zetten

The old Hatton & Laws pharmacy building is a beloved old treasure and could be treated with so much more respect and VISION than the proposed plans show.
If the windows were not already boarded up I would gaffa tape myself to them to stop the demolition of the shop front in favour of a generic glass box with electronic doors...there are plenty of those already in Launceston and they’re so bland I rarely notice them or bother to enter the shops (filled with generic mass produced ‘product’)

Launceston is running out of old gems like this which are visually interesting, elegantly constructed and embody links with an historical past as well as an architectural and cultural and artistic Australian Heritage. Visitors come to Launceston specifically because of the beautiful old buildings and quieter way of life. The council planners continue to ignore what a community finds interesting and holds dear, in the vain attempt at “Making Launceston Great Again” by approving developments that attempt to emulate their idea of what a Big Important City should look like. Yawn!

If this shop front demolition goes ahead then Launceston really will justify its status as a destination not worth visiting (as featured in comedian Tom Gleeson’s spoof travel show segment “Go Away” )

Hatton & Laws was the oldest continually operated pharmacy in Australia, on this site since 1848. I’m gobsmacked that it’s not a heritage listed shop front!!!
This facade is a stunning extant example of 1920’s/30’s architectural shop front design and I’m atruggling to think of another example in Tasmania, let alone the rest of the country!
To have this replaced with a generic, bland and soulless replication of what already exists in most cities is an insult to Launceston.

As much as I do actually love some contemporary architecture which really responds to the Australian climate and the context of the site within which it sits, this old girl holds a special place in many people’s hearts & Complacency is not the answer!!!
We must look after our cultural heritage because it’s what unites us as a community and gives us our unique advantage over other locations.
And for a jewellery shop I would have thought the existing curved windows and stained glass and tiled design would have been a visual drawcard.
Another example of lack of cultural respect and selfishness by a franchised retailer over what the local community holds dear.
It breaks my heart.

Delivered to local councillor Albert van Zetten. They are yet to respond.

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