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In Pascoe Vale VIC on “Development of the land by...” at 21 Northumberland Road, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044:

Sevim Dogan Ozkan commented

Dear Sir,

I've been following the updates with great distress regarding the re-development of 21-25 Northumberland Road, Pascoe Vale.

We've been living on Northumberland Road for the last 11 years. We moved in, with great excitement. It was a great pocket to bring children up and was affordable for new beginners like us. We had the parks, space, railway, close to freeway and some good schools.
I have always hoped for the area to pick up with some tasteful re-developments, a nice shopping strip to bring the community together where you see the locals and say "hello". Where the locals knew me and my children and created that "village" I've always dreamt about.
Soon after though, my dreams start demolishing with every old house knocked down and the small, ugly units started rising in every corner. It seems to me that Pascoe Vale has become the "bastard" child of Moreland City council. -Excuse my language-. The station end of the suburb is already tight, we wait for about five trains to cross the railway each morning or get back from work. It's now not possible to park near that area to pop into a pharmacy etc if you're in rush and not to be able to walk. Each street on that hill, the cars are parked on each side, you need to wait for the upcoming traffic to be able to proceed.

Moreland City council has long given up on Pascoe Vale and I don't understand how they could not see the nightmare they're creating in this area as there's no return from this mistake. I remember the council seeking the opinion of locals regarding the development on the corner of Railway Pde and Gaffney St at some stage. I still think it's such a mistake to fill that corner with yet another building. That corner should have been developed into a little piazza, some little shops, something that the locals could've walked and enjoyed a little stroll.

73 apartments on a suburban street, on a hill, in an area already so crammed, underdeveloped with infrastructure, parking space and everything is just the last slap on the face of the residents. Years to come, if I'm unable to do anything about this development today, I will be embarrassed to face the future children of this suburb.

I'm all for the area's growth and development but with some thought, taste and planning within its capacity. If this capacity to be pushed, this also should be done with reason and other investments. The investor will build the apartment in six months and walk away with its pocket full but the locals including those new buyers will live with the consequences for the years to come.

I really hope that the council will manage to work in unity to oppose this development to offer some faith to its residents.

Kind regards,

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