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In Wahroonga NSW on “CC18/124447-3 for SSD5535 -...” at 189 Fox Valley Road Wahroonga NSW 2076:

Avona Butterfield commented

KMC Councillors
The time has come for Council to address the concerns of all residents in the Fox Valley Road area and call a halt to new DAs until an independent, comprehensive examination of traffic and parking issues is carried out. Already-approved DAs will add thousands of extra vehicle movements and increase out-of-area parking in an area which lacks both the infrastructure to cope and the space for the necessary infrastructure. The major intersection of Fox Valley Road and The Comenarra Parkway is often grid-locked as early as 3.40pm and streets to the south of the intersection have become free parking lots for staff and visitors to the SAN. This is a low-density residential area, but it might as well be in the inner city as there is nowhere for residents, their friends, cleaners or gardeners to park during the day. Slip lanes and a new set of traffic lights north of the SAN will not solve the problems. Traffic modelling for all the current DAs have only shown estimates for the vehicle movements which will be generated by each DA, not estimates of the traffic movements on the road into which these vehicles will pour. The traffic modelling for the 127-place child care centre at the intersection was out of date and about half that of resident checks. The effect of that traffic and that generated by the enormous specialist centre on the corner diagonally opposite will be horrendous with cars disrupting the traffic stream as they cross lanes to enter or exit the buildings.

Many residents of this area have, like us, lived here for more than forty years. We cherish this area and trust our Councillors to preserve this part of Ku-ring-gai's green heart and ensure that rapacious over-development does not destroy what makes the area so lovely.

I have made no gift to any Councillor or Council employee.

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