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In Revesby NSW on “Demolition of Existing...” at 89 Mackenzie Street Revesby NSW 2212:


I am writing in regards to the construction of 89 Mackenzie Revesby
On behalf of the owners and residents of 1 and 1D Langdale avenue Revesby which is located to the right side of 89 Mackenzie St.

Collectively we have major concerns, primarily regarding 2 full length windows approximately 1800mm in hight which are located to the back of the new development on the right side, 2nd floor (presumably master bedroom). They eliminate any type of privacy for both residencies, including pool area for 1 Langdale avenue, alfresco area and backyard for 1D Langdale avenue and all 4 rear bedrooms of 1 and 1D Langdale avenue.

As a secondary concern there are two full length roughly 1800mm in hight, right side 2nd floor, (presumably bathroom) windows. However looking over the plans we have come to the conclusion that they may have frosted glass in which case this is ok, but we are not happy that they will be able to be opened because this again defeats the purpose of having frosted glass and privacy is compromised.

All other windows on the right side, top floor, (3 in total) are longer in width, and shorter in hight, and placed towards the top of the ceiling (starting roughly at 1800mm from the floor) and we are happy with these windows because in our opinion they do not ruin our privacy AS MUCH as the full length windows. However we would be even more grateful if these windows were to have frosted glass as well.

In conclusion, please review and consider making all the windows from the right side facing 1 and 1D Langdale avenue the same as the 3 shorter window we approve of. The current plan as it stands completely eradicates our privacy and will be uncomfortable for not only us but the new residents of 89 Mackenzie street because our bedrooms will be looking straight into each other.
In the best interest of both parties please consider this application as a serious one.

Thank you in advance

delivered to the planning authority

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