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In Turramurra NSW on “Demolish an existing...” at 3 Boomerang Street Turramurra NSW 2074:

Andrew commented

"The house has no style" (Statement of Heritage Impact, page 14).
This is polite, professional words for: "The house has a pug ugly style which is irredeemably out of character for the neighbourhood, Ku-ring-gai, Sydney and Australia."
Technically, contrary to the entire history of heritage reports commissioned by KMC, ugly houses of many different styles is part of the heritage of Ku-ring-gai.
KMC has proudly fostered this tradition by encouraging many very ugly apartment blocks (for which many ugly dwellings and many beautiful dwellings have been demolished).

The proposed new dwelling has little architectural merit and adds little (if anything) to the neighbourhood, for specific heritage styles or otherwise, but it is much better than the current.
Frankly, my dear, the proposed new dwelling could be used as a location for a remake of the movie, Gone with the Wind.

The author of the report cannot bring himself to write anything positive specifically about the proposed new dwelling, other than it will be an improvement on the current situation.
Misses the supposed purpose of KMC's HCA dictats, of course,but he has to work with the KMC HCA farce.
So, we are all in this game of having no idea what actually is KMC's "heritage" framework, despite years of "consultations" and many lame reports, but if we can say the proposed new dwelling is less ugly than the current dwelling, all is good!

The owners should be permitted and encouraged to knock down the current structure and have the heritage freedom to establish another ugly dwelling which is out of character for the neighbourhood other than there are several other similarly ugly dwellings in the neighbourhood.

delivered to the planning authority

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