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In Highbury SA on “Row Dwellings” at 23 Harold Street Highbury SA 5089:


I am a resident who has been living in the area for over forty years and we have the only gum tree left in our street and often have visitors spend time in our tree. Developers will always find some devious way to have trees removed well before they demolish the house. I simply ask this question. Why do some councils choose quantity over quality of life, if we want a better vision for the future they need to practice what they preach for the good of the community if we continue down this track with three homes on one block our children, grand children have only our generation to blame. for the bad decisions of the few. Have we not learnt form Campbelltown council and all the problems associated with dense housing or are we just going to close our eyes to what some call progress with three homes on one property our local newspaper explained this well. Once this decision has been authorised there is no going back and then when it is all to late what are you going to tell our children?.
It's not to late to look to our past to improve our future, we should be leaders on improving the future not followers..
I object to multiple dwellings on one block we will now have to put up with the it is well documented that garages in these dwellings are too small and used as store rooms gym's etc the dangerous situation of cars parking both sides of the street when is the Teatree gully council going to realize that our future resists the overcrowding which leads to other community problems.
Please, a row of dwellings will only lead to huge problems for our suburb. learn from problems caused in Campbelltown before it's not to late.

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