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In Hornsby NSW on “Mixed - Shop Top Housing...” at 187 Peats Ferry Rd Hornsby NSW 2077 Australia:

Mr Li commented

I object to this development on the following grounds:-

Westside should be developed in accordance with community consultation - residence in the immediate made it clear that the area was to maintain the low rise of the westside to avoid the high rise nature of the east side.

Heritage - simply retaining a small facade of 2 buildings and relocating the preschool building within the site is considered in the DA docs as "a modern interpretation" of the heritage streetscape - Hornsby will look like Chatswood and North Sydney you will destory the village feeling.

Extremely out of character for this immediate area - 2 towers is totally inappropriate size and scale for that precinct - the top heavy nature of the building design (where the higher floors of the 21 storey tower have a bigger floorplate size than the street level) makes it look totally unappealing visually and loose all village feeling

Traffic congestion, Hornsby is already over burned with roads it can take 15-20 minutes to travel 1km along Petes Ferry or George Street. The traffic report in the DA docs also indicates that many areas within Hornsby have been identified as being at close to capacity at peak times. This will only make it worse. There is the common developer/council line that people should use public transport more. Sure, if your destination is within the current public transport infrastructure and you are not tied to getting kids to/from school etc - it is unreasonable to expect everyone to get everywhere by public transport. All our local streets are parked out by unit dwellers with the average 2.5 cars to 1 car space.

Pressures on schools, Hospital, Doctors, childcare etc - although the DA hints at inclusion of a day care facility - the shire is already at breaking point with schools and the local Hospital - this needs to be addressed before adding more people to the area.

Construction management this is a busy precinct for buses taxis, rail buses and station drop off and pick up. There is no way this will not impact daily lives of those trying to move around the village

Environmental impact - We all have heard the "bushland shire" being spoken of, but we are quickly losing the sense of the bush when monstrous building developments like these are springing up everywhere - the landscaping reports attached to the DA show little (if any) streetside landscaping - with references to rooftop gardens and central podium areas only getting a superficial treatment of plantings. As they talk in the reports of the development being at the gateway to Hornsby, it is sad that there is no greenery in sight.

Hornsby Council have EXCEEDED State Housing Quotas go build this in Gordon which is actually Zoned for it

Please do not allow this development to be approved this has significant ramifications for future generations and a burden to existing infrastructure.

delivered to the planning authority

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