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In Botany NSW on “Minor modifications...” at 8 Chelmsford Ave, Botany 2019 NSW:

Johnson A.R Cambell commented

Is this a full renovation? Will there be loud noise? I have small children and dont want it to be noisy. I also request for no trees or plants to be cut as we will be damaging the environment. Parking is another issue, we dont want contractors leaving their trucks and restricting locals from parking and blowing sand and cement without securing it and disposing of it properly. Power tools are a concern also as we do not want loud power tools in the early morning and late afternoons as some of us work shift work and have trouble sleeping as it is. As structure work is very noisy and repetitive, the last development failed follow safety procedures including water to be turned off while digging, which caused a massive disruption for the entire street for hours with no water. Please review all requested alterations and renovations with as much information as possible to avoid disputes and disruption. Please consider fellow neighbors and follow the correct process regarding noise and pollution accordingly.

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