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In Wentworth Point NSW on “23 Bennelong Parkway,...” at 23 Bennelong Parkway, ,:

JT commented

There is already an excess of apartment complexes in the area and increasing the number and the height of the building will detract from the look of the neighbourhood and there is no demand for more apartments in an area that is already overpopulated with a oversupply of apartments. The local infrastructure is already struggling to cope with the increased traffic leading to greater congestion and travel times, reduced aesthetics in an area surrounded by water and parks- having two monster sized towers like the ones being proposed will just look ugly and out of place. Furthermore the site for the proposed monster towers is too small for such large buildings. The construction has already started for the 9 storey building granted by the original DA and from the looks of it the apartment buildings are squished together and it will be densely populated. That street corner is too small for any building over 8-9 storeys. In my opinion there should not be any buildings at all on that corner as it will cause havoc with all the incoming and outgoing vehicles.

In any case there is simply no need for such towers in the neighbourhood. It will create adverse impact on the environment which will not be fixed by simply putting in a park or creating a new road. It will be a eyesore and it will be out of place with the rest of the buildings in the area.

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