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In Pascoe Vale VIC on “Development of the land by...” at 21 Northumberland Road, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044:

Martin Saj wrote to local councillor Oscar Yildiz

Entertaining the proposal of a 7 storey development on 21 Northumberland Road, Pascoe Vale is disgraceful and borderline negligent on the council planners behalf.


Here is how the decision to proceed with this development will blatantly contravene this planning overlay:

1. OBJECTIVE: To implement the Moreland Neighbourhood Centres Strategy, 2017. RESULT: FAILED. Page 34 of this document clearly restricts this area to 4 storey MAXIMUM development.

2. OBJECTIVE: To ensure built form outcomes are appropriate to the context of Moreland’s Neighbourhood Centres. RESULT: FAILED. As this is open for interpretation, I will refer you to the overwhelming response AGAINST this development you have received from rate-paying residents. Disregarding the community's view is just disrespectful.

3. OBJECTIVE: To improve the quality of higher density and mixed use developments by providing appropriate built form guidance. RESULT: FAILED. Car stacker system is suitable only for occasional use by residents. This will almost certainly NOT be the case. Again, you're not considering the context of the location and way of life in the area.

4. OBJECTIVE: To improve amenity outcomes for residents in higher density and mixed use developments and for residents in adjacent buildings. RESULT: FAILED. I'm sure the adjacent properties would strongly disagree their amenity would be improved by this joke of an application. The road is TOO NARROW to service any more traffic as it is. The Schools in the area are AT CAPACITY. The train line is AT CAPACITY during peak hours before it is even stops at Pascoe Vale. Devon Road and Gaffney Street remain the ONLY ROUTES for traffic coming off Pascoe Vale road and are NOT SUFFICIENT to deal with the load ALREADY. This is made worse by the ancient level crossings at both intersections.

5. OBJECTIVE: To ensure that new development makes a positive contribution to the public realm. RESULT: FAILED. Reduced quality of life for existing residents is not a positive contribution.

I would hope some of the above points make their way into the logical approval process next time.

In the meantime, I will remain disappointed by absence of considerate planning Moreland is continually subjected to.

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