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In Pascoe Vale VIC on “Development of the land by...” at 21 Northumberland Road, Pascoe Vale VIC 3044:

Peter Fong commented

The proposed development is a disgrace.
It will totally dominate the streetscape.
There are no gaps between the buildings.
The architectural aesthetics will be the equivalent of a block of concrete( or rendered foam ) dumped on the street.
It will be so foreign to the area it is unbelievable.
Stacker car parks, just do not work. Couple this with a single driveway and people will only park on the road. It will be like creating an underground traffic jam every morning.

This is already an busy arterial and it is almost impossible to have visitors on the street already because of medium scale development. This development is so excessive it will ruin the street.
The argument that this is close to lots of amenities is false. Yes there is a train station, but there is no Coles. There is not places to eat at night unless you only want fish and chips or pizza, so everyone will *NEED* one or more cars.
The development does not look setback far enough and does not appear inline with the houses adjacent.
The common rooftop space will create noise that will travel across the street directly into houses east of the proposed site, which sits higher and therefore will be roughly inline with the height of the proposed common space. I live in one of these houses!!.
The proposal seems to overshadow Grover street quite significantly.
It looks like the dwellings will have poor internal amenities.
The underground build in is a cynical attempt to get around 4 storey height limits. Do we want our residents to live in dungeons? Is this a positive outcome for anyone, or are we only interested in building urban slums? This is not what growth zones are for !!

It seems that this proposal is so unacceptable that this is just a spurious proposal that will allow the developer to try and compromise on something that would be equally unacceptable had it been proposed.
I accept there is a need to more well planned urban density, but this proposal is just pushing the envelope too far.
Laws should be changed to fine developers for proposing such disgusting plans. It is the planning equivalent of frivolous litigation. They get away with murder and leave residents with the mess and cost of fighting it.

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