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In Bardwell Park NSW on “Construction of semi...” at 10 Lambert Road, Bardwell Park NSW 2207:

Alex Hons commented

The DA here listed is incorrect or misleading. Quoting "Construction of Semi attached dwellings". However if you look on the Documents in the Demolition Plan, the existing one and two story house is set to be demolished with all trees which provide much needed homes for native wildlife and reserve canopy will be removed. This is the exact same DA that was refused by Land & Environment Court with the help of local residents last year. How is this possible that the same DA is trying again? Neighbours will be heavily inconvenienced by this DA and will not only lose a lot of privacy but will also lose the surrounding trees and low density of the area.
This is a peaceful suburb that will be ruined if construction work is planned. The Acoustic Report shown in the documents does not mean anything as surrounding residents and locals will be able to hear much of the construction noise through the valley as it echoes. How is this possible that a four storey building is able to be developed in a R2 Low Density Suburb. The Survey of Environmental Effects states "The subject proposal has also improved the interface with the public park that adjoins the rear boundary of the site" however this is incorrect, as all of the trees on the property are planned to be removed, which will be even worse for the reserve as we will lose much needed canopy and shade. Plus his fence has not been built for ages and it's severely affecting the grass in the reserve with the neglected backyard brining weeds on the reserve site. I strongly oppose this DA.

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