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In Campbell ACT on “AMENDMENT TO APPROVED...” at 2 Blamey Place, Campbell, ACT:

James Lybrand commented

I think that a building limted to four stories in this locaiton is a good use of the space however the plans provided seem to show greater setback than will occur in reality. I have a principal concern that many of the new multi styrey buildings that are being constructed in Campbell 5 (and Canberra more generally) are too close to roads. This blocks out natural light, visual amenity as envisaged by the Burley-Griffins and leads to a sense of urban crowding which is not the principles on which Canberra is based.

Additionally the carparking provided in the Campbell 5 precinct is clearly insufficient for the number of cars that are occupying the apartments in those developments - evidenced by the number of cars that are present on the adjacent roads during out of work hours. This Blamey Cres development should ensure that at least two car parks are available in addition to storage for each apartment and additional parking (10% or total occupants) for guests so that additional motor vehicles do not spill out onto the narrow roads (principally Chauvel) and the carparks that are currently existing in Campbell shops. If parking is not managed such that residents have the ability to park all cars underground then road congestion will occur and the carparks provided for users of Campbell shops will be occupied by residents (or residents guests) .

In approving this plan I would like the ACT Government to address (via return email or community mail outs) how additional external carparking will be made available for the additional human and vehicular load that will utilise the additional commercial premises that are envisaged for this development.

I also note that the building plans say four stories, and then 'rooftop terraces'. These 'rooftop terraces' or associated balustrading/structures/shading do not seem to feature in any of the plans, elevations or perspectives - does this mean that additional height is trying to be included in this plan. If approved as four stories the plan should be limited to a full roof that cannot be otherwise utilised.

I am a Campbell resident who will have daily impact from this development so am interested in it both going ahead but not at the expense of amenity within the suburb

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