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In Marrickville NSW on “Marrickville Metro - 34...” at 34 Victoria Road and 13-55 Edinburgh Road, Marrickville, NSW:

Amanda Whittaker commented

I am concerned about proposed changes to Marrickville Metro.

The site is currently nestled in away from major roads. The surrounding area is heavily residential on the eastern side and is often mayhem for cars, pedestrians and bicycles.

The environmental impact assessment provides a short sentence of information only regarding bicycles, it states that the site is currently positioned on “on road” cycle ways, these roads such as Alice st, Llewellyn st and Victoria rd are already difficult to navigate as a cyclist and should not be considered as a safe cycle path option particularly with increased traffic proposed.

For pedestrians both the intersections of
* alice / Llewellyn #streets and edgeware rd
* Victoria rd and edgeware rd
Are currently dangerous and difficult to cross

The traffic modelling in the environmental impact statement provides significant differences in the impacts for alice/Llewellyn streets than it does for Victoria rd/edgeware rd and yet the intersections are only meters apart. I express concern that each intersection is being considered independently and not taking into account it’s effect on the next intersection.

The crossing at Victoria rd on edgeware rd crosses 2 lanes of traffic in each direction. This is a significant danger to pedestrians who are reliant sometimes on making visual contact with 4 cars at the one time in order to cross the road. The proposals do not appear to offer and alternative to this and the proposal to remove edgeware rd parking on the east side at busy periods will likely increase the vehicle demands to make the turn into Victoria rd quickly.

delivered to the planning authority

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