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In Albion Park NSW on “Multi Dwelling Development...” at 32-52 Taylor Road Albion Park NSW 2527:

Kyle commented

The proposal in general is pleasing. As i am one of the very few affected residents of this project i would hope that my voice can be heard. The proposal states that the western boundary fence (bounding number 32 to number 30) is already of acceptable heght and construction.

Whilst it is true this fence is in good condition. The height is not as stated in this application. This fence is 1500mm high at its highest and drops down to around 700-800mm at the front of my property. I would hope that the council would enforce replacement of this fence at the developers cost due to inadequate privacy being provided from the adjoining development proposal. I would even like consideration to be given to perhaps a taller fence (2000mm) to provide privacy from the elevated aspect of the proposed units (RL is much higher than my site)

I would also like to know how the developer has overcome the flooding issues of Taylor road itself. if the council is to refer to notes made against my plans for development. in pre lodgment advice PR0038/2017

it is clearly stated as below:

The DCP stipulates that for Subdivision of Land (Strata or Torrens Title), the applicant is to demonstrate that there is timely, safe and reliable access for emergency personnel to the site, during a flood. Therefore, the proposal could not be supported by Council, unless an
alternative means of access to the site was available (other than from Taylor Road). This
could be in the form of an easement or right of way over neighbouring properties for
emergency personnel and their vehicles.

The development in its current form does not provide this so my question is why am i being told council will not support my application when the proposal on the adjoining lot intends to do the same thing.

It would be great to see the developer make contact with myself as the adjoining and therefore burdened lot in regards to an understanding of the construction activity proposed to take place.

delivered to the planning authority

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