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In Alexandria NSW on “Stage 1 development...” at 163-173 McEvoy Street Alexandria NSW 2015:

Wendy Bacon commented

This submission mostly repeats what is above. My apologies for typos. PLEASE READ THIS SUBMISSION

I am very concerned about the approval of any more developments along this strip of McEvoy St. It is clear that the living conditions for the people residing on the corner of Sydney Park Rd. and Euston Rd will be dangerous from a pollution point of view. It is clear that Westconnex's and the NSW Planning Department's decision to build a road 1.6 metres from where residents live is an appalling one but even if the set back was considerably more than that, it would clearly not be desirable from a planning point of view.

Given current understanding of potential health impacts of living close to major roads, all planning controls should be reviewed to make sure there are sufficient set backs from roads in new urban developments. As we know, assuming the St Peters Interchange opens (which we hope it will not) more than 60,000 extra cars are going to come in and out of the St Peters Interchange every day.

I am not aware of the exact number of metres from the road of these apartments. The distance would vary but inevitably residents will be exposed to toxic pollution. I have been concerned to discover that there are no current regulations governing how far new apartment blocks should be from roads. There should be a review of this situation and controls should be clarified and put into place. I know that this may not be up to the Council but the Council can clearly play a role. Any review should take into account set back, the amount of traffic at different times of the day and the latest research on the impact of pollutants on levels of serious diseases including dementia.

The potential impact of WestCONnex must be taken into account from a planning perspective in all developments near the WestCONnex route. In my view there should be a halt to development in this area. Councillors and members of the community have argued that the WestCONnex fight is not over but in the meantime the community should not be further exposed to potentially unsafe poor developments.

I can also understand the arguments of the residents of Alexandria who are watching dense, narrowly spaced higher rise developments spring up around them. These create overshadowing and a changed sense of scale in their neighbourhood. . As a long term resident of the Erskineville side of Newtown, I welcome new residents into the area but not at the cost of the destruction of the wonderful urban fabric that existed there, and especially not in the absence of adequate public transport and education facilities. Walking through Erskineville now, it feels as if small clumps of terraces have been left stranded, like tiny islands, perhaps to be swept away at a later time. Alexandria should not go the same way.

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