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In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

David Horner commented

Below is a copy of our letter posted to the council.

Below are our comments and objections to the proposed change of use of this property.
• Quality of life - Changing the use of the property, that is wedged between people’s homes, to one serving food and alcohol will unduly affect the lifestyle of the people already living close by and shows a lack of respect for their quality of life.
• Residential area with young children - Brown and Glyde Street are predominantly residential and are not suited to a venue serving alcohol. The serving of alcohol can also lead to offensive and anti-social behaviour.
• Noise levels - Local residents will be disturbed by customers entering and leaving the venue during the day and particularly evenings and night time when sleep will be disturbed. There will also be disruption from commercial vehicles delivering to the venue.
• Entertainment – The proposed change of use includes entertainment. This implies that there will also be music coming from the venue which will result in further disturbance to us and our neighbours.
• Smoking - Presumably it will be a non-smoking venue. Customers will therefore congregate on the footpaths outside our home and our neighbour’s homes. This will lead to environmental pollution in the form of
o Cigarette smoke penetrating our homes.
o Noise and disturbance from the smokers.
o Litter in the form of discarded cigarette packets and cigarette butts on the footpaths.
• Smells/odours – There is the potential that our homes will be penetrated by the smell of cooking from the restaurant and other odours from the micro-brewery.
• Traffic volumes - Local streets, Glyde Street in particular, are too narrow to cope with an increase in traffic volume and are already congested during peak hours.
• Parking for customers - There is already limited parking on Brown and Glyde Streets. During the evening and weekends the majority of the parking bays are occupied by local residents.
• Communication - We understand that the letter regarding the proposed change of use has not been sent to all residents on Brown and Glyde Streets, only property owners. Tenants should also have been informed as this proposal also impacts them and they are entitled to an opportunity to comment. Not only have local residents been excluded but those who have been informed have been given an extremely short time frame to respond i.e. we received the letter on Friday 3rd February and the closing date for responding is Tuesday 14th February. We are sure that the change of use application was not subject to such a restrictive deadline.

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