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In Sydney NSW on “Harbourside - Staged...” at Darling Drive, Sydney, NSW:

donald denoon commented

Dear Ms Nettlefold,

Concept Proposal – Harbourside Redevelopment

This proposal must be seen in the context of the many buildings proposed or under construction within half a kilometre of the site – The Star extension, the redevelopment of Blackwattle Bay, the apartments to replace the existing Fish Market etc. The effects of intensified residential accommodation and commercial development include denser traffic, increased demands on schools and medical facilities, and overshadowing existing redicatial buildings and the Harbour itself. There is no indication that the proposal acknowledges these as issues, much less addresses them.

Residents in Ultimo confront a series of new buildings which face the Harbour and turn their blank backs on Ultimo itself. Many therefore welcomed the renovation of Harbourside as an opportunity to bring useful retail to the area, and reconnect the Harbour with the people living next to it.

We were mistaken. Instead of access and utility the developer has opted to replace a sun-down shopping centre with an immense concrete edifice competing with other over-sized buildings on both sides of Darling Harbour. This exercise brings to mind the expression “to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut”.
Apart from the material damage that isolation inflicts on residents, consider what it must feel like to confront large blank walls impeding any line of sight to the Harbour itself, and to the city beyond.
This proposal is a lost opportunity, and should be modified to meet the needs of the residents in the area.
Yours sincerely,

delivered to the planning authority

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