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In East Perth WA on “Proposed change of use to...” at 98-100 Brown Street East Perth WA 6004:

Juliann Lloyd-Smith commented

We have only recently moved into Brown St, East Perth. We chose this immediate area for although it represented a mix of uses, the existing commercial and light industrial properties operated primarily during business hours leaving the largely residential nature of the street unaffected after hours.
We chose not to buy in the Royal Street area because of the noise and congestion caused by the shops, restaurants and the Royal hotel.
To approve the proposed change of use of 98-100 Brown St to include restaurant and tavern would be to significantly reduce the amenity value of this largely residential area by introducing additional late night noise from the entertainment, the patrons and from their vehicles. in addition, there will also be further pressure on the street parking in which is already struggling as a result of the very significant increase in residential density in recent times.
Where will the patrons park? A visit to Brown St and surrounding streets after 6pm, will clearly demonstrate that there is no spare parking. Patrons to this new venue will have to park significant distances from the venue, putting pressure on other streets in the area and increasing the noise in the late evening as patrons return to their vehicles.
It concerns me also that although I live less than 110m from the site of this proposed tavern and restaurant, there has been no notification to or consultation with residents associated with this building and development application that was received by council on 15th December.
in summary, I am objecting to the proposal on the grounds that
-The current mix of residential and commercial properties coexist without significantly impacting on each others amenity.
-There will be an unacceptable increase in pressure on the street parking in the area.
-There will noise from the development that will reduce the quality of life for the residents who live in the area and chose Brown St because it is primarily residential and quiet after hours.

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