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In Rankin Park NSW on “Newcastle Inner City Bypass...” at Between Lookout Road and Newcastle Road, Rankin Park, NSW:

John Donn commented

My comments apply to the Northern Interchange of the Rankin Park to Jesmond Bypass.
The Bypass plan shows noise walls to be erected on the west side of the bypass on the southern side of the Interchange.
Transparent acrylic walls are proposed to be erected, on west side the Bypass itself, at road level, starting north of the cutting that includes the hospital new road access and continue to the Interchange bridge spanning Newcastle Road.
A concrete noise wall is to erected on the west side of the Bypass off ramp before the Interchange bridge ( allows traffic to access Newcastle Road.)

A drawing of the above is shown in the following publication:
Newcastle Inner City Bypass-Rankin Park to Jesmond
Environmental impact statement November 2016
Technical Paper 4 Urban Design, Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment
Section 5.3 Noise Walls
Page 64

My view is that concrete walls as proposed for the off ramp should also be used on the bypass itself, not acrylic walls as proposed.
Concrete walls have a much higher Sound Reduction Index than acrylic walls.

As the bypass passes between 50 and 100 metres of residences on the western side, noise reduction should be paramount in the bypass's design.
It is better and more economically to minimise noise at its source rather than to have to take expensive and less satisfactory secondary measures at peoples homes, such as sound proofing each house.
There is mention in the above report that transparent acrylic walls allow motorists to view the landscape. Well the only landscape in this area are people's back yards and I think they would prefer the privacy that they have now.

Thank you

John Donn

delivered to the planning authority

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