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In Charlestown NSW on “Mixed use Development” at 8 Smith Street, Charlestown NSW 2290:

Maxwell B Simpson commented

I have the following objections to the proposed development:
1. Density
The type of development as proposed consists of a multi-storey mixed use development comprised essentially of residential units. The density of the residential component of the building is inconsistent with the type of development that is typical in the area, namely low rise commercial or residential development. The commercial development in the area is such as not to generate a large degree of traffic, pedestrian or vehicular, whilst the residential development tends to be single family units rather than a multi-residential complex.
2. Traffic
By reason of the number of residential units the traffic flow in Smith Street, which is already a busy street by reason of being a bypass from the Pacific Highway, will be increased greatly and is likely to cause congestion in the street and particularly in terms of off-street parking. It is noted that the point of ingress and egress from the building is via the driveway on the southern end of the building adjacent to Smith Street with the provision on entry to Smith Street being restricted by vehicles parked adjacent to the kerb of Smith Street. This will constitute a potential traffic hazard.
3. Overshadowing
The proposed development will overshadow entirely the property at 12 Smith Street, Charlestown form which is conducted a practice of Ophthalmic Surgeons. The northern wall of the building erected on 12 Smith Street, Charlestown is benefited currently by the natural light which penetrates through the windows built into that wall. The proposed development by reason of being located in the close proximity to the boundary of 12 Smith Street, Charlestown and by reason of the height of the proposed building will deny the occupants of the property at 12 Smith Street, Charlestown the majority, if not all, of the natural light that presently benefits the property.
4. Drainage
As the proposed development occupies the majority of Nos. 8 and 10 Smith Street, Charlestown we are concerned as to the impact the development will have on drainage in the area and particularity the impact that the development will have in terms of drainage upon the property at 12 Smith Street, Charlestown. Unless stringent requirements are imposed upon the developer in terms of drainage of Nos. 8 and 10 Smith Street, Charlestown there is the very real risk of accumulation of large amounts of water during heavy rain periods and the overflow of the water onto the property at 12 Smith Street, Charlestown from which is conducted a Medical Practice.
5. Height
It appears that the proposed building consists if a basement level plus 8 storeys and this might be considered inconsistent with the Town Centre Area Plan for that particular area which appears to allow for 8 storeys only.

I would appreciate your consideration of these objections

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