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In Warriewood NSW on “Subdivision into 84...” at 18 Macpherson Street Warriewood NSW 2102:

Stacey Mitchell commented

Absolutely Kelly - you nailed it. Sorry Helen but I am a resident of Warriewood now for 40 years and your comment "not in my backyard" seriously what a misguided comment! I don't live in the valley but I can tell you the infrastructure is not there. We now also have a dementia house in Alameda Way and no foot path or pedestrian crossing to support that?! Let's just keep popping in houses, who needs roads!!!

Let me just pick up on your transport option - The bus service that comes through Warriwood 185 only goes to Wynyard yet so many elederly need it to go to Central (for trains to airports) but no, the elderly are expected to change at Narrabeen (with luggage etc).

Yes we have some green spaces but that doesn't help us access adjoining suburbs - get to work, school, shops - and yes in peak hour or school periods!

Perhaps take a drive in peak hour and you may understand the frustration we, the long suffering residents are facing. Poor old South ward - we always bear the brunt! But let's see some proper studies and perhaps some spend on infrastructure to match another influx! But that's what we get as a "blue ribbon seat". No one listens!!!

No one objects to people wanting to "buy in" but we object to the fact that we can't support it and shouldn't have to suffer because the state govt opens up land grabs and the developers get richer - we suffer!

So with respect Helen, your response is misguided and lacking substance and wasn't necessary. Know your facts before you tell us, the residents, what we should accept and shouldn't!

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