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In Asquith NSW on “Residential - New Multi...” at 18 Baldwin Avenue Asquith NSW 2077 Australia:

Catherine Gordon commented

The Council, at the time Mills Park was developed, promised that land within the park would be made available as parking. They have not kept this promise and the top end of Baldwin Ave is dangerously congested on weekends. The park has been developed for the benefit of sports groups (soccer and cricket) but not for the benefit of family groups who may want to picnic. During the week the traffic around Sherbrook Rd/ Baldwin Ave is heavy. The area clearly can't sustain large scale development. However, our Councillors and town planner are clearly strong supporters of developers at the expense of community (note increased scale of buildings now allowed on the West side of Hornsby - from 9 stories to over 20; sale of childcare and community centre to enable sale of $12mill development; destruction of heritage CWA building to provide a road for developers to have ease of access for large scale development now planned - which Council said was about the pool. They over-ride Development Controls by simply changing the rules (by majority votes within council meetings) to suit the requirements of the developers. There is no debate in council meetings in relation to development as the councillors vote in accord. While clearly having a development that is not townhouses, as per the planning controls; that has 43 units; that does not protect the privacy of surrounding houses; that does not take disability into account; that increases traffic flow around a school, that plans tree planting inappropriately should not go forward I have no doubt this Council will approve it. I am putting forward this objection to the scale of the development for the area with little expectation of change until we change our Council and Town Planner.

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