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In Asquith NSW on “Residential - New Multi...” at 18 Baldwin Avenue Asquith NSW 2077 Australia:

Rhonda Aloisio commented

This development is totally inappropriate for the eastern side of Asquith. As one of the highest points in this suburb, the size of this development will be markedly out of alignment with the surrounding area of mostly single storey dwellings. It is not at all adhering to the Hornsby Development Control Plan which states on page 3, "Positive
responses to desired future character include deep soil landscaping along all site
boundaries, dwellings that address the street or a central walkway, and that are not oriented towards neighbouring properties". The DA currently has multiple balconies overlooking the Asquith Girls High School as well as its neighbouring properties on the western side boundary. This area was zoned for townhouses and should remain so that the character of this area is not destroyed.

The balconies are all to be made with clear glass so that the view for the surrounding neighbours will be the laundry lines and items that do not fit into the units as their is no plan to include storage facilities for each unit. The clear glass will also mean that each unit facing the internal driveway ramp will have no privacy from each other.

The Landscaping plan shows that trees are to be planted to reach a height of 3-5metres which given that the space between the property and the fenceline on the side boundaries is 2.9metres on the school's side and 3metres on the western side, this does not give adequate space for these trees to grow. Should there not be a plan for community vegetable and fruit gardens and open spaces greater than a 3metre boundary on the perimeter? This is the kind of garden that will be destroyed by this development. The plans show that car spaces are to be provided underneath for wheel chair access yet the only access from the underground carpark to the ground floor level is via stairs or via the driveway which is not ideal.

The proposed 43 units will have a significant impact on the availability of parking and traffic flow, particularly at peak times such as the school drop off and pick up times. Pedestrians take their lives in their hands when crossing Sherbrook Road as cars facing east on Baldwin and turning right onto Sherbrook Rd are often racing to make the green light and are unaware that pedestrians also have a green light to cross as well. Having lived just south of this intersection for over 20 years, I have seen more than a few accidents at this set of lights. Most Friday afternoons see a trail of cars stretching from the Pacific Highway lights at Mt Colah all along Royston Parade to the southern end of the Asquith Golf Club and it can take 20 minutes or more to travel this short stretch. The traffic problems in this area increase enormously whenever there is a traffic incident on the M1 when Sherbrook Road and Royston Parade are used as a major Detour route. Sherbrook Road during these incidents can be blocked all the way back from Asquith to Hornsby. Adding unit blocks to this area will only compound this kind of problem.

With the proposed development, it is highly likely that there will be an increase in people wishing to send their children to the local high schools. I believe Asquith Girls HS is currently at its maximum intake and by allowing such developments on its fence line effectively stops any possibility of expanding the school. What are the plans to enable the school to change its capacity to match the plans of the council to increase the residential population? It would seem to be an issue that should be considered as developers have approached all the neighbours of this school.

There is insufficient public space/community halls and parks for this kind of development. With the sale of the Asquith Preschool and Community centre, there is no local hall to provide a meeting space for residents, particularly the aged. Mills Park has inadequate playground equipment and no barbeque or picnic sites for outdoor socialising that is so necessary when home is a small unit. The closest barbeque facility is on Lockwood Street. There is one barbeque here for the entire eastern side of Asquith and already it has become increasingly difficult to access this site due to its popularity.

I respectfully request that this application for the construction of units be denied and that development of a much smaller scale be sought.

delivered to the planning authority

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