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In Asquith NSW on “Residential - New Multi...” at 18 Baldwin Avenue Asquith NSW 2077 Australia:

Liz Paul commented

According to the Hornsby Shire Housing Strategy the designated housing form for the Baldwin Avenue and Stokes Avenue precincts is townhouses. This application is for units and given that the Development Control is for medium density, I am assuming that these will be 3 storey.

Cars entering and leaving this development will do so via Baldwin Avenue.This is a very busy pedestrian area at peak hour as high school students enter and leave the adjoining high school and primary school students make their way to and from school in the adjoining streets. This end of Baldwin Avenue forms part of the ever increasing commuter parking area around Asquith Station. The scale of off-street parking is reaching dangerous and unacceptable levels. Many people who live near stations beyond Asquith park here because the stopping patterns of the trains mean that Asquith has a more regular service.

Putting units on these 4 blocks instead of townhouses significantly increases the number of dwellings, which in turn, significantly increases the number of vehicles in an already congested area.

Discounting the Heritage Listed house on the corner of Baldwin and Royston, there are 22 parcels of land to develop in the precinct. This application only represents 4 of these parcels. I wonder how many more parcels of land that should have townhouses on them will also be earmarked for units, contrary to the Housing Development Strategy?

The housing strategy already recognises the poor connectivity between areas east and west of the railway line and that housing development in this precinct will increase traffic movements. This precinct is within 1 km of two primary schools and two high schools. Traffic on Royston Parade is already at capacity at peak hour and there are regular tailbacks over the bridge as traffic tries to filter on to the Pacific Highway. Tailbacks also occur where drivers try to right turn in to Dudley Street off Royston since cars are able to park opposite this junction and traffic cannot flow around the car waiting to turn. There is no signalisation at Kuring-gai Chase Road/Royston Road intersection and traffic jams of cars waiting to turn right on to Kuring-gai Chase road often form and tail back past Asquith Golf course. This junction is also very unsafe for pedestrians who want to cross the road.

Please stick to the Housing Strategy and build townhouses instead of units. This area cannot cope with the extra burden these additional dwellings will place on traffic volumes in this precinct.

I wonder how long our existing infrastructure will hold up under the pressure of all the new dwellings being built in our suburb? A major review of local traffic management is already urgently needed. Increasing the number of dwellings by building units instead of townhouses increases the volume of cars using the local roads. We are already near gridlock at peak hour and the risk to pedestrians accessing local schools and Mills Park is reaching unacceptable levels.

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