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In Balwyn VIC on “Buildings and works to...” at 178 Balwyn Road Balwyn VIC 3103:

Alexander commented

Unless there is a dire need for two or more dwellings on a small piece of land that is located on a busy Single Land main road, beyond the need for the owner to simply make their profits by gaining permits to build more cheap dwellings then this Permit should not be granted.

Nor should it be granted for the council to simply gain more rate payers by adding further dwellings.

There is no dire need for the Road Zone Access to be changed and no need to waive the standard car parking requirements. This is not the CBD and nor is there adequate public transport access, it is not within reasonable walking distance to either trams on doncaster rd and whitehorse rd and is only catered to by buses.

A busy main road that is single lane and limited on street parking cannot cater to any extra cars parking on the road. Therefore no changes to parking requirements should be waived.

The surrounding homes are all single detached dwellings and adding more homes does not remain within the character of the area of Balwyn and the surrounding homes. The impact of more dwellings and those that are cheaply built and small in size, reduces the neighbouring property ($) value and brings down the overall property median of Balwyn and subsequently Balwyn North.

These are two suburbs that have gone under the radar for a number of years but finally coming to light, being known for the large parcels of land, quiet and safe neighbourhoods with quality schools and high property values. This is something that should be adhered to by the council as a reputation to retain for the areas of Boroondara and not give in to developer greed for profits and poor quality.

No extra dwellings should be permitted other than a single home for the reasons stated above.

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