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In Gateshead NSW on “Telecommunication Facility” at 120 Bulls Garden Road, Gateshead NSW 2290:

Michelle Burdekin commented

To the General Manager LMCC,

I hope LMCC officers will acknowledge and honour their own environmental policies and strategies in assessing this DA. There ARE endangered species in the wildlife corridor between Whitebridge, Jewells and beyond which need environmental protection to be genuine and robust. The squirrel glider is one species whose presence has been confirmed despite councils recent refusal to acknowledge such; there are powerful owls and microbats are also along the corridor. There may well be flora species on the list of local threatened species which may be affected if bees are affected by EMR as has been suggested in a number of scientific studies.

While Commissioner Murrell may have said in a recent land and environment case in NSW that they had "already looked in to the perceived health risks from phone towers and ruled that there was no logical or reasonable basis to refuse a base station on health grounds because the Australia Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Authority’s (ARPANSA) standard was based on strong scientific evidence and embraced a precautionary approach" this relates to human health. Notably, the long term effects are less well supported and as we have seen in the past so often, new studies find new evidence.

But, in relation to animals, significant deleterious effects have been noted regarding the effect of telecommunications towers. An article referenced on ARPANSA's website discusses this

It has taken considerable effort from the community and wildlife experts to apprise LMCC of the need to genuinely and properly consider local wildlife in recent cases and I would hope, this time, all necessary protections will be afforded to the environment through the completion of an SIS by an independent expert and that we don't see the environment being 'defended' by a paid scriptwriter for the proponent and council blindly accepting this.

Michelle Burdekin

delivered to the planning authority

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