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In Gateshead NSW on ‚ÄúTelecommunication Facility‚ÄĚ at 120 Bulls Garden Road, Gateshead NSW 2290:

Mike Hackney commented

I strongly object to this proposal.
There have been no long term studies on the impact on human health from towers such as this, however anecdotal evidence has presented damning negative health impacts.
This location is extremely close to residential areas.
I have a wife and three young children, who make up a small portion of the large community who reside right next to the proposed site of this tower.
I believe that this tower will place significant health risks to my family, our community, to wildlife and at the very least present itself as blight on the leafy, picturesque outlook of this area.
Will residents be reimbursed for depreciation in land values due to this monstrosity?
As for providing better reception to the local residents? I for one do not currently have any reception problems and never have in the nine years I have resided here. And furthermore if I did have reception issues I would happily forgo (as I'm sure most residents in the area would) any deemed improvement in reception, if it meant non construction of this ill conceived tower.
At what point do we say enough is enough when it comes to so called " progress" and financial gain, when it comes at the detriment of citizens and the environment.

It is imperative that this proposal be declined by LMCC and that common sense and decency should prevail.

delivered to the planning authority

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