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In Gateshead NSW on ‚ÄúTelecommunication Facility‚ÄĚ at 120 Bulls Garden Road, Gateshead NSW 2290:

Gwenda Smith commented

I object to this proposal for the Optus tower at this location. It is in close proximity to the homes in the estate off Justine Ave, Whitebridge, as well as nearby to houses in parts of Gateshead and Charlestown. The distance to schools on the Pacific Highway at Gateshead is short, as the crow flies, and as the electromagnetic energy radiation will travel.

I have a grandchild and family members who live approximately 300 m from the site, and as their land is higher, a particular concern is radiation of EME from the tower.The long term health effects are not fully known, and the precautionary principle should be followed. There is only very limited tree vegetation between the properties backing on to Bullsgarden Rd and the site, most of this area is only grassed.

The tower and antennas will be over 36m in height, and this is a breach of the LMCC height limit for the area of 15m, as well as not complying with SEPP (Infrastructure) 2007 which outlines provisions regarding the height of towers in Industrial land when it is located near residential areas.

Due to the height of the tower and its location right on Bullsgarden Rd, the visual impact will be unacceptable, especially for those living, working and driving in the area.

The proponent incorrectly suggests that the tower will be well located as it is in an industrial area and generally removed from sensitive uses such as schools and residences. This is not true. It is on the edge of the industrial area, and is located in close proximity to houses, schools, and other facilities such as a gym and a play centre. Many people live, work and enjoy recreational facilities in the immediate area.

The low land level of the site presumably means the tower needs to be relatively high. Surely another site could be found further away from houses etc. The proponent admits that the "level of coverage and service provisions to the Gateshead locality was the main determining factor in the site selection process". Pg 6, SoEE. The health of the local community should be paramount.

Recent studies have determined that threatened squirrel gliders exist in the bushland to the east and west of Bullsgarden Rd, and the assertion that "there are no threatened species located within the subject land" is irrelevant. The site AND the surrounding areas need to be considered when considering the impact on fauna.

LMCC should not allow the construction of this mobile phone base station on this site.

delivered to the planning authority

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