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In Epping NSW on “Residential - New Multi...” at 30 Pembroke Street Epping NSW 2121 Australia:

JoAnne Page commented

Comment on 30 Pembroke Street DA Application.
1. Parking - there is only provision for 62 resident parking spaces, but there are 66 units. The Council has approved a significant number of high density new buildings in this and Essex street. Pembroke and Essex streets are already fully parked out 24/7. Most residents now have multiple cars (up to 3) per unit. Evidence of this can easily be viewed by the parking in all of the current blocks in these streets. There is also a pattern in this area of a higher number of occupants per unit than bedrooms which increases the number of cars needed.
I note the higher number of 1 bedroom units in the plan. Again, the pattern of occupants in the area for such flats is to house multiple students - most of whom own cars, as evidenced by the parking usage at MQ University.

2. Car access to block.
With the new Epping traffic flow changes planned, Essex street will become a bottleneck for traffic accessing Epping Road. This will significantly affect the traffic flow on Pembroke Street which is high use for buses, and school traffic from Norfolk street. Bad traffic flow in Pembroke street already affects traffic trying to turn right off Epping Road into Pembroke Street. Pembroke street is a narrow street and there are multiple new multi-buildings underway. The positioning of the parking gates needs to provide sufficient off-street access while waiting for gates to open - a separate access lane would be ideal in such a high use area.
3. I note the planning rules are for 5 storeys. The Acoustic report describes the building as 2 x 6 storeys.
The acoustic report also notes a timber frame construction. I would urge the council to insist on timber frames. We have experienced a building with steel frames and they have significantly different acoustic effects with a marked increase in sound carrying between floors.

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