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In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

Antonia C commented

Application Reference no. PINA00679/14
I have copied & edited another persons letter as it is exactly what I agree with and would write, the only thing I would add is that I am strongly opposed to any further developments of any community/religious groups. Developments of this size & nature are not suitable to Narre Warren North (refer reasons below).

Council, LISTEN to what the vast majority of our community is saying!

This proposed development would mean drastic negative changes for us locals of Narre Warren North, if recent experiences of the “Hallam Mosque” are anything to go by! This new proposed development has now also been labeled as the “LARGEST MOSQUE IN AUSTRALIA”, with anticipated patronage of 1500+ on 22 acres, over a few “stages” of development.
I live near the "Hallam Mosque" & have first hand experience as to the changes & problems directly attributed to it. Every neighbour I have ever spoken to about this is very, very frustrated and angry. Many complaints have been lodged with council over the last few years. The initial assurances given by Council, insisting there would be minimal impact in the surrounding neighbourhoods, have proved to be very FALSE and misleading in fact.

To all the NON Objectors posting on this site: STOP citing Australian law & discrimination, as if the “rights” of the muslim community override the rights of the majority of the people who already live there. I believe most of the mosque’s patrons are very likely to come from suburbs other than Narre Warren North - similar situation as to what has already been observed at the “Hallam Mosque”. Objectors objections are NOT worthless. It is the local people who are objecting & with good reason. People who live in this area have a right to free speech as well. PLEASE actually read people’s comments & UNDERSTAND that it is “you” who propose coming into this quiet suburb on “YOUR” terms. Respect & acknowledge that fact please!

I hereby wish to OBJECT to the Permit application and proposal for a Mosque and Islamic School in Narre Warren North Due to the following:

A social impact study should be conducted before the application be looked at or considered any further.
This should include and consider the community of Narre Warren North, the fabric of the community, events within the community, the nature of the community, the vibe of the community and how the addition of a mosque, an islamic school and an islamic community hub would impact the existing community and social structure. This would also have to take into account community events such as the Carols by Candle light that takes place annually in Bert Rae Reserve just across the road from the proposed islamic site for example.

A traffic impact study for Belgrave-Hallam Rd, Heatherton Road and A’Beckett Road would also need to be conducted for due diligence before any consideration is given to the application and the future plans for the site. This would have to look at and consider a dual carriage way for Belgrave-Hallam Road and Heatherton Road to handle the addition traffic. Traffic lights at the T-intersection of A’Beckett Road and Belgrave-Hallam Road. Traffic is difficult enough now as it is plus the addition of a new Christian School at the corner of A’Beckett Road and Belgrave-Hallam Road with plans for 1,000 students from prep to year 12 and this is on top of the existing school and students of Narre Warren North Primary School.

With two schools already within a stone’s throw of the planned mosque and islamic school, why do we even need or want an additional school?

Narre Warren North is a Low Residential Zone, not suitable or equipped for high Masses of people. The land is rural and not suitable for a mosque or residential precinct.

I believe it will destroy and go against the beautiful landscape and the Foothills of the Dandenongs (Foothills Landscape Study)

There is no transparency regarding this application, no one informed the locals of the proposal, it was kept under wraps and has been inappropriately acted on since the purchase of land in August 2013. The planning on this proposal is well advanced and has at least 4 stages of development that I am now aware with the plan to expand at each stage to result in mosque for 500 plus, an islamic school for 950 plus students, residences for muslims and a community hub that appears to include islamic centre, shops, businesses and even an agricultural area. Information I have seen conservatively states over 1,500 people living on site. This furthers the question of underhandedness, stealth and keeping the project, planning and final development underwraps and concerns me greatly.

There already is well over patronage and parking issues at Lysterfield Lake which is in the same vicinity. This creates the question of buses, bus parking and car parking on the site and that it will be sufficient and inline with all stages of development and expansion. As there will be further development and expansion on the site once the first stage is approved.

The proposed land area is in an already in a Green wedge Zone.
Creating Muslim Hub in Narre Warren North will create a drastic change in the area and I believe will compromise the already beautiful environment surrounding us. This will also devalue the area and the local homeowners’ properties.

The Population of Islamic Faith in the area is minimal and in fact a minority so I’m not sure why the need for another Mosque as there already has one not 5KM away in Narre Warren North (135-137 Belgrave Hallam Road). Based on the census report in 2011 the population of all Narre Warren was 25,882 and supposedly islam accounted for 5.6% of the population or less than 1,500 people. The current Mosque called “Hallam Mosque”, which is also in Narre Warren North, can house over 270 people at a time, has 5 prayers times per day and there are other mosques in surrounding areas such as Doveton.

The prayer timetable for the Hallam Mosque is 5 prayers per day, the first beginning at sunrise, and the last at approx. 10.50pm. I have concerns with the noise and traffic before and after these prayer times plus there is the school traffic to consider on top of other events that will take place on the site.

The Hallam, Narre Warren North, mosque can houses over 385 people as can be seen in a recent application to increase the number rejected by council. It is reported that the numbers at the mosque were already significantly higher than the approved 270. This is my concern that the traffic is already a problem at the Hallam Mosque, and the new proposed site is for 500 plus and a staff of 135 (that is provided that the numbers do not go higher than this).Application Reference No. PINA00679/14.

I hereby wish to OBJECT to the Permit application and proposal for a Mosque and Islamic School in Narre Warren North plus all future applications, proposals and expansions due to the concerns and required studies, research and reports required to fully consider the impact, damage and major works this project and site will require and create.

Yours Sincerely

delivered to the planning authority

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