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In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

Georgia Fraser commented

Application Reference no. PINA00679/14

I hereby wish to OBJECT to the Permit application and proposal for a Mosque and Islamic School in Narre Warren North Due to the following:

Narre Warren North is a Low Residential Zone, not suitable or equipped for high Masses of people. The land is rural and not suitable for a mosque or residential precinct.

I believe it will destroy and go against the beautiful landscape and the Foothills of the Dandenongs (Foothills Landscape Study)

Traffic in the area and surrounding areas is already banked up especially in the mornings and afternoons. Both Wellington and Heatherton Roads.

There is already a school planned over the road on the corner of Abeckett Rd and Belgrave Hallam Road for about 1,000 students from years prep to 12. Existing is the Narre Warren North primary School. Why do we need another school that we do not have the infrastructure and roads to cope with this traffic.

There is no transparency regarding this application, no on informed the locals of the proposal, which has been going on since 2013 when the land was purchased. It has all been kept very secretly, and I found out about this only two days ago.

There already is well over patronage and parking issues at Lysterfield Lake which is in the same vicinity.

The proposed land area is in an already in a Green wedge Zone.
Creating Muslim Hub in Narre Warren North will create a drastic change in the area and I believe will compromise the already beautiful environment surrounding us. This will also devalue the area and the local homeowners properties.

The Population of Islamic Faith in the area is minimal and in fact a Minority so I’m not sure why the need for another Mosque as there already has one not 5KM away in Narre Warren North (135-137 Belgrave Hallam Road. Based on the census report in 2011, of 25,882 population in Narre Warren, 5.6% were from Islam. The current Mosque called “Hallam Mosque”, which is also in Narre Warren North, can house up to 270 people.

The prayer timetable for the Hallam Mosque is 5 prayers per day, the first beginning at sunrise, and the last at approx. 10.50pm. I have concerns with the noise and traffic.

The Hallam mosque houses 270 people, and a recent application to increase the number to 385 was rejected by council. It is reported that the numbers at the mosque were already significantly higher than the approved 270. This is my concern that the traffic is already a problem at the Hallam Mosque, and the new proposed site is for 470 plus 135 staff (that is provided that the numbers do not go higher than this).

delivered to the planning authority

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