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In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

Tony Riccioni commented

Dear Sir/Madam
I object to this development, regardless of the purpose of the building. Belgrave Hallam road is a single carriageway which has make shift drains that can be best described as ditches. As such additional traffic on this road is simply dangerous. For those of us that live locally, we have seen the traffic problems caused by the two other churches. The turning lanes that were added are simply insufficient with my self having a number of near misses as a result of backed up traffic clogging the road (back to Hallam North Rd) as cars are waiting to enter the sites.
For those of us that chose to live in Narrewarren North , we did so because of the attraction of living on a larger block with reduced traffic in relative safety and low noise levels.
Choosing to live here also comes at a cost. Land and houses are expensive and as rate payers, I'm sure the residence of Narrewarren North pay a premium to the Casey Council in annual rates for which I might add we have very ordinary roads, and hardly any foot paths.
I moved here in 2009 from a medium density area because of the sparseness of the suburb and that the main community and business hubs were well away from where I live.
The development of this site whether it be a pool , community centre , small shopping precinct catholic church or mosque is not aligned with the area nor with those of us that chose to live here for very specific reasons and life style .

What benefit does this development provide the localised community in Narrewarren North . None. How many of us will actually be using the mosque ? .The over whelming majority of those that will, do not live in this suburb or in close proximity to the Mosque. There will be significant increase in traffic from Endeavour hills and Hallam, as cars coming in from Heatherton Rd, Hallam Rd North and Narrewarren North Rd all converge on to Belgrave Hallam rd. The heaviest congestion will be traffic heading west on Belgrave Hallam Rd trying to turn right in to the premises while traffic heading east on the same road is turning left in to the same premises. A repeat of what is happening at the western end of Belgrave Hallam Rd

Finally we already have a church and mosque on Belgrave Hallam Rd. I do not understand why there is a need to build another mosque just 2 KM up the road. This simply doesn't make in practical sense. Not even McDonalds builds their restaurants that close to each other and they are everywhere.

As I have already mentioned the Council must take into consideration the reasons why we chose to live here, why they must preserve what is unique about the area. As local rate payers, you must deliver what we want and understand that we will not benefit both directly nor indirectly from the mosque as the vast majority of worshipers do not live here.

The mosque should be built in the suburb that has the specific demographic that will use the facility , not where the majority of the demographic will not use it and will only be inconvenienced. You, Casey council need ensure that the life style so many of us worked hard to achieve and continue to pay a premium for, is preserved.

delivered to the planning authority

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