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In Narre Warren North VIC on “Use and Development of a...” at 365-367 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North, VIC:

Neil commented

I have just had the opportunity to read the submission and the 'independent' traffic report.

Staggering are the following recommendations:
1. The access road is to be built on essentially a blind corner. To meet code the recommendation is to CUT DOWN ALL THE TREES along Belgrave-Hallem road... effectively meaning that the entire width of the car park is visible from the adjoining Belgrave Hallam road... and also exposing the entire property including mosque and school to be seen from passing traffic. A small row of bushes is sufficient (before the run off lane is out in).

Blind Freddie could see this is a ridiculous conclusion. You WILL see the car park and the mosque. The non descript plan to put some low vegetation along the road is unacceptable. It will destroy any sense of a rural feel of the landscape.

2. The recommendation that there needs no traffic control until the congregation size hits just under 200. One only needs to spend 10 minutes sitting at the intersection with cars driving past at 80kmph to know that the 'scientific' sounding study of traffic is utterly rubbish. Sitting at the Abeckett intersection, looking left and right for cars coming through is difficult enough... adding oncoming vehicles will increase the safety risks 10 fold. This was not addressed at all in the report. In fact the report gives no consideration at all to community impact... it is centred only on the minimum requirements of the mosque.

3. Using the Listerfield Mosque survey from 2004. Wow this a a cracker! Despite acknowledging that peak attendance the traffic rate equaled an unacceptable 0.86 vehicle rate (rated as poor) the 'independent' report suggests that the statutory minimum of 0.3 will be acceptable? What planet are they living on?

How about we use a better example and look at the mayhem that occurs post service on the corner of Belgrave Hallen and Hallam Nth roads... With cars parked absolutely everywhere on the street. An accident waiting to happen. That site has is that it is on a highly visible corner. The new proposed site runs into an 80kmph road... even more dangerous! If you combine the 2 places of worship you end up with similar numbers to the proposed super mosque... before adding in the school.

Let's hope the council shows a little more foresight than it did with this other site.

4. Build a set of traffic lights!!! O, and the taxpayer should pay for it. And there it is... a perfectly functioning intersection with zero accidents... The hypocracy of recommending VicRoads pay part for the lights for public safety... when it is the mosques load creating the traffic problem!!!

5. Glaringly missing from the report is the proper impact of adding a future school. Stating a few numbers and stats and stat rates is useless... There is no real plan here other than to use every square inch of the land for buildings and car parks... with undersized play areas at the very back of the property.

The traffic report is a report of an organisation asking for a budget priced, minimum report to push something through.

6. The community doesn't have a Mosque! Wow... There is another one on the same road a few kms away!!!

1. The council MUST get an independent traffic report... not a biased one paid by the Mosque.
2. Cutting down all the road side trees is ABSOLUTELY UNACCEPTABLE. Council should demand an alternative. Suggestions this will not impact rural landscape are ridiculously ignorant. The high mosque dome is an advertisement that will be visible from multiple angles... and it is within the mosques interests to ensure it is. Require at least 3-5 Myer, continuous mature trees be planted the entire length of the property fronting Belgrave-Narre road.
3. The traffic plan is dangerous. See previous comments.
4. The community doesn't need a second mosque 3km from the other one.
5. Let's see the full plans... Not just phase 1 and some vague statement about a school.

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