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In Saratoga NSW on “2 X Residential Flat...” at 15 Mimosa Avenue, Saratoga NSW 2251:

Tim Wade commented

Objection: I am voicing my objection as this will only start to change the very dynamics of this small community to the beginning of commercialising and profiting from something that is the heart of Saratoga, the Village atmosphere.

The entrance from Village road, I see potentially causing accidents, or mishaps due the close proximity to the bend that backs onto Mimosa Ave. Drivers Entering on Mimosa Ave from Davistown road onto Village Road (natural right turn) will be presented with traffic entering this unit complex. With an increase of traffic use from Mimosa Avenue turning right onto Mimosa (taking you to Davistown Rd) will add greater amount of wear and tear on Mimosa Ave that would appear the infrastructure could not handle.

Also as there is minimal curbing, drainage on wet days cause the sidings of the road to become wet and unusable for parking, with an increase in visitors using this area for the proposed units makes available spaces for current tenants of Mimosa unusable.

With the units being over 14 metres in height will have an impact on dwellings directly behind these units, environmentally as well as cost and comfort. Dwellings also with current water views also behind these proposed units will lose the view that attracted them to Saratoga, or those that had improved their properties in renovating to obtain to increase their water views will also lose this.

Also the units itself will lower the costs of the houses around them, this alone should be an objection by council.

This development is the first multi-tenant development request in the area, and needs to be rejected so that Saratoga remains what it is today and the future, a peaceful, single dwelling community spirited village.

Council needs to decline this application.

delivered to the planning authority

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