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In South Hurstville NSW on “Demolition of existing...” at 849 King Georges Rd South Hurstville, NSW:

Thomas commented

I strongly object to the Mosquebeing located in this area. The reasons are following:
1.Too many Islamic meeting centres and mosques in Sydney already and for a population of 2.2% Australia wide there can not be any need for any more.
2.The traffic in this area is already terrible & getting worse in recent years. Council should put more attention to the local residential needs instead of building a mosque to draw more traffic with in adequate parking aloted to facilitate the magnitude of another culture invading our quiet neighbourhood streets.
3.There are already 3 mosques nearby, which are located in Penshurst, Rockdale and Kogarah. Why another for Isamists who have to drive from another area.
4. Is their an agenda? are we going to be recieving some of these refugees being sent to Australia to live in hurstville? If so I cannot believe that they would assimmilate with the current demographics predominately Christian Society.
5. D. Riley commented 2 days ago
How many Masjids and Musallahs are needed? D.Riley also gave an extensive list of areas of where there already Mosques for these people to pray, some are already in close proxcimity to Hurstville.
6. travelling to and from on this very busy road we don't require any more frustrations with more unnecessary traffic congestion.
7. Mosques it is proven, breed radicle Islamists, I care for our communities safety.
8.Radicle Islamists are working towards:To destroy Western Civilisation and remake it in their own respective images. Who are working to also transforming our once - free republic into a socialist, Third World dictatorship ruled by a Sharia ideological government and zero representation to Australias Christian society. The Moslem faith have their own language and culture and progressive islamists are already hijacking public policy from national defence to immigration to education. Through Federal,State and local community governmental departments.
8. We have a right to guarantee local community safety and to be assured that council is listening to the rate payers who you work for and must listen to their concerns and objections.
9. Having up to 250 people from other areas descend like a plague of locusts (Locusts are the swarming phase of certain species) and interrupt a peaceful neighbourhood at un healthy hours night and day is not acceptable for the health,safety and general well being of existing community.
10. I am objecting to this application and would like to see better use for this land for the local community. (suggestion).Perhaps a medical centre would be more appropriate.

delivered to the planning authority

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