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In Newtown NSW on “Use of public footway on...” at 232 King Street Newtown NSW 2042:

Bruno Jimenez commented

And Joe Ortenzi, you should limit yourself to make comments about the application, instead of simply criticise other peoples comments. There are ways to comment on things, without criticising others. This platform is to be constructive comments for a happy community decision.

Back to the DA in review, I do not recall seeing the "Renewal of previously approved application" until now that has been mentioned. Although I did read it all, including the "Read More" section. However I do understand that if this is a "renewal of previously approved seating" now.

My comments on the DA are :

I go to Newtown every weekend. I have noticed that this company already has tables, chairs and barriers in this location, blocking pedestrian access.

They are requesting council for permission to have 2 tables and 4 chairs and 2 barriers, however they already doing this without authorisation. Which means that they will still be obstructing the pathway as there is also not enough space to house both tables there. As soon as someone sits on the road side of any of the tables, the pedestrian access on the pathway is reduced even further than requested. As this company does "serve their customers" when they are seating in such side of their outside table, they are aware of this blockage, and do nothing. I have experienced this myself, and during busy periods, I had to walk onto the road. This company cannot be trusted to manage their seating as to not impact the pedestrians passing by.

Based on this lack of respect to the community, I would not trust this company. And the additional use of the pathway by using chairs on the table side closest to the road, means that the pedestrians, specially on busy days such as weekends, would heavily block the pathway thus I strongly suggest council to reject the plan.

So, Joe Ortenzi, you should now retract your comments about having to retract my "this company cannot be trusted" as you obviously do not know what you are talking about

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