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In Toogoom QLD on “Impact Assessment -...” at 482 O'regan Creek Road, Toogoom, QLD:


I ROBERT TAYLOR of 2 RIES ROAD,TOOGOOM object to this application on several
1. This property has been run illegally for some time now (a poor indication of the ethics of the operators and owners of this facility) If this is their mind-set what mey expect in the future?
2. This property and its residents have the subjects of many calls to police and thus police investigations some of which are teenagers identified by CCT as residents of this facilitystealing cigarettes, alcohol,and money on multiple occasions. Police have not been able to gain any satisfaction through the legal system. Are we to be held to ransom by these and future thieves?
3.The staffing situation is tolally inadequate for this type of facility.One fulltime staff member is ridiculous to maintain strict supervision 24 hours per day.They could not be expected to control the residents during the hours of darkness(the hours that the resident seem to be most active ).
4.On several occasions in the last week I seen some of these residents (the last time Monday November 2 ) after dark roaming the streets.Why are young people allowed to roam at at will at night?
In reply to the Owner ,of course the property would suit ,-----as far as you she is concerned from a purely monetary point of view ----anybody. As for her other comments I " think she protests too much". Also we and the other protesters have chosen to live in this country and in Toogoom in particular as occupier residents and rate and tax payers

delivered to the planning authority

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