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In Forresters Beach NSW on “Single Storey Dwelling” at 8 Sandcastle Close, Forresters Beach NSW 2260:

Sandra Reis commented

As owners of Lot 4, 10 Sandcastle Close, Forresters Beach, we strongly object to the planting of an 8 metre tree with a 5 metre spread on our shared boundary with Lot 3. We refer you to 'Landscape Plan DA48636 L3 DP1202617 H8 Sandcastle Cl Forresters Beach Part 1", which indicates that along the Lot 3/Lot 4 boundary fence line that an 8 metre tree (Coastal Banksia) with a 5 metre spread is included in the Planting Schedule.

We object to the planting of this tree for the following reasons:

1) This tree's spread will be significant and will encroach onto our property as per Lot 3's initial plan, and would encroach further as the tree ages.

2) The root system of this large tree may impede the drainage capabilities of the Atlantis cells which would effect the clearance of storm water. We are also concerned that the root system may weaken our retaining wall and our proposed house structure (reference DA48444).

3) We are concerned about the sheer height of this tree and its tendency to drop flammable leaf litter into our proposed roof gutters (reference DA48444). We object to the increased fire risk in a BAL29 rated area.

4) This large tree will significantly shadow our property, most notably our solar panels. While this tree, as planted, will be 8 metres in height now, it is noted that this species of tree have the potential to grow up to 15 metres in height.

As owners of Lot 4, whilst we have no wish to negatively impact our Lot 3 neighbours planting requests, we feel that this particular tree planting signifcantly and negatively impacts upon Lot 4 and approval should not be granted.

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