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In Turramurra NSW on “Demolition of house at 117...” at 117 Merrivale Lane, Turramurra, NSW:

Judith Fry commented

DA 0413/15.
I have been a resident of Merrivale Lane for 30 years and am alarmed at the possibility of serious consequences relating to safety issues should this application for a Commercial, 150 place Child Care Centre proceed.
A serious accident occurred some time ago at the intersection of Merrivale Lane and Pentecost Ave whereby a car collided with a pedestrian resulting in permanent brain damage to the pedestrian. Local residents are aware of the restricted sight line for vehicles entering Merrivale Lane in an easterly direction from Pentecost Ave and the need for extreme caution. Customers of the 150 place Child Care Centre, should Council approve the application, may not be aware of this danger and I am alarmed at the prospect of injury or death to children or parents as a consequence of this.
A recent house fire in Merrivale Lane required seven fire trucks to control the blaze. The current level of resident street parking allowed the trucks access and the blaze was brought under control and no one was injured. In many such fires in a residential street, adjoining houses often need to be evacuated. In a Commercial Child Care Centre of 150 children, evacuating 40 children under 2 years, and 110 children 2 to 6 years would require extremely large numbers of parents/staff and vehicles. Combine these numbers with the need for access for a number of Emergency Vehicles and it is clear that there is the potential for disaster.
The Bush Fire Map indicates that on the eastern side of Merrivale Lane, both ends of Merrivale Lane are designated as being in a Red Zone. This indicated that the authorities are aware of the potential for a bush fire in the native bushland at the rear of Merrivale Lane. In the event of such a fire and as already noted above, there may be the need to evacuate 150 under 6 year olds, as well as the residents of the Lane, some of whom are elderly, resulting in extraordinary congestion in the Lane.
We urge the Council, as the approving authority, to consider that the safety of the children may not be assured.
Given the safety issues outlined above, a large, Commercial Child Care Centre catering for 150 children is not appropriate. We trust that the staff and Councillors of Ku-ring-gai Council, after due consideration, will agree that because of the potential danger to children, parents, staff and residents, this Development Application should not proceed.
Sincerely, Judith Fry

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