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In Leichhardt NSW on “Alterations and Additions...” at 301 Parramatta Road Leichhardt NSW 2040:

Sarah Harvey commented

It is my understanding that other residents of my street are campaigning against this development on the grounds of inconsistency with local "community values" and have alluded to issues with streetscape, character, availability of parking and safety of the surrounding area.

I am writing to refute these claims and support the development application on the following grounds:

1. The building to be altered is not an older terrace style house but a commercial block on a major road. Adding an extra storey therefore does not interfere with the current streetscape (much of which is already at the height this additional storey would give) or amenity of the area.

2. The local community is a friendly community and I hope would welcome low-cost housing to the area. There is not enough social housing and providing low-cost options such as boarding houses is crucial for tackling homelessness. Moreover, dispersing low-cost housing throughout different suburbs is less likely to create "ghetto-type" areas than having them all in the one area. I am not aware of any other similar housing options within the immediate area so to me this would be an ideal location.

3. Most people who live in lower cost accommodation such as boarding houses do not have vehicles. The location in question is well serviced by public transport. I therefore do not foresee any great influx of cars requiring parking.

4. The assumption that those living in a boarding house are necessarily a greater risk to the safety of others than any other local resident is quite frankly offensive.

A development application submission template objecting to this application is circulating the local streets and states that the development "is not supported by our local community." I wish to make it known that this is not the case, as my household, being three members of the community not only support this application but reject and take offense to such arguments being espoused on our behalf.

delivered to the planning authority

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