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In Turramurra NSW on “Demolition of house at 117...” at 117 Merrivale Lane, Turramurra, NSW:

John Douglas commented

I am advised that only 26 staff will be monitoring 150 children. I have a friend working in this industry and she has advised they are required to have 12 staff for 36 children i.e. 1 staff for 3 children. The proposed development appears to be 1 staff per 6 children. I suspect that ancillary staff have not been noted in the application
There is parking proposed for 20 staff in the underground car park of 38 spaces. At least 6 staff will be parking in the LANE and obviously they will park as close to the centre as possible. Merrivale Lane is a narrow thoroughfare only 3 car widths wide. At best 2 cars can pass each other when a third car is legally parked. With parked cars on both sides of the road, as is currently allowed, traffic will be reduced to a single lane - a nightmare for both residents and parents dropping off children. Exiting from a resident's driveway will be restricted by parked vehicles on either side of the LANE.


Travelling North, access to Merrivale Lane from Pentecoste Avenue is a blind right turn to oncoming traffic. In the afternoon the western sun causes even more vision problems. There have been many accidents at this location over the years I have been a resident of the area.
With a number of other childcare centres in the immediate vicinity, I do not believe this location is the correct place for a childcare centre of this magnitude.


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