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In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

josie bailey commented

We are formally objecting to the development proposal for the construction of 25 two story dwellings at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore Vale. I am a resident of Robina Close Elermore Vale (which backs onto the development) and I strongly object to this new proposal. On the council website it outlines the reasons for objections and we feel the proposal does in fact breech all the areas outlined including:

1. Obstruction of Views, Privacy, Noise and Sun issues
My back fence will be only a few metres from these new dwellings (with absolutely no trees left in between). This will totally destroy the aspect we now have. We of course knew there was the possibility of buildings going up in this area but always thought council would ensure the homes would be aesthetically in line with current properties and with integrity for the environment. These do not even look like homes but more like ‘storage boxes.’ We are also outranged by the number of dwellings planned in such a small area and the fact they will be double storey- basically peering over our back fence, into the back of my home (which is all glass) and blocking the northerly sun. Our privacy will be greatly invaded and noise a major issue with so many houses so close together and adjacent to the back of my home.

Looking at other local developments (around the corner at Paddock Close for example) many trees have been left as screening and for wildlife, between existing homes and new dwellings. I would have expected the same considerations for this development. Also all homes being built locally are quality homes fitting in with the integrity and character of our area.

2. Environmental Issues
I am also devastated at the prospects of the impact on the beautiful environment, home to many types of wildlife including the rare eastern bandicoot and black cockatoos. We also have an abundance of other native birds as well as lizards, goannas and possums. I am also concerned about the size of the development in such a confined space to
accommodate so many residents.

3. Parking Issues
There is lack lack of adequate garaging and parking. Two/Three-bedroom housing with only a single garage is going to lead to parking problems in local streets. Most families these days have at least 2 cars or in many cases they don't garage the car and use it for storage. In addition, if this housing is rented and there are three or more people sharing a house, then there could be up to 3 cars. This could potentially lead to 1‐2 cars per dwelling parked on the neighbouring streets.

4. Traffic Issues
With the proposed development adjoining onto Nerigai Close, this will created more traffic in an already congested street, without an added 50 extra car movements. I suggest council look in peak hours to assess what the traffic is like before approving this development. Council really need to re-think where the access road comes from as Nerigai Close and Melinda Avenue are already overloaded with cars.

5. Development Damage
We are also very concerned at the potential damage caused by the development with large machinery so close to our home. I have already had two large windows broken during initial clearing for recent surveying. My son sitting next to one of the windows was very lucky not to be seriously hurt.

I am also very disappointed at the lack of community consultation regarding this development to residents in Robina Close and Nerigai Close and surrounding streets is appealing considering how the proposed development would impact on this community significantly. From our family point of view it would be totally unacceptable to continue living in this area if the proposal is to go ahead. We would appreciate any consideration in this matter and would welcome the opportunity to discuss the development at a forum with you.

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