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In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

Q. Robertson commented

Our concerns are valid and require your attention. As a young family, we are objecting the current proposal due to:
• Street Safety and Increased Volume of Traffic
• Parking and Wheelchair access
• The Garbage Bins and Council Pick up of additional waste.
• Environmental Issues, Natural Causeway
• Visual Issues
• Overcrowding

Street Safety and Increased Volume of Traffic
Nerigai Close is a quiet dead end street, which houses many families. This is the reason we purchased here less than 2 years ago. My children (5yrs and 6yrs) play safely in the street, this would not be able to continue with the mass increase of 25 houses- which could be over 100 new residents on a single block of land. The cars travelling into this new complex would make it very difficult for children to play safely, with the increase in car volume and the streets capacity to deal with constant cars entering and exiting from one driveway. My children’s safety is paramount and the enormity of this development proposal for traffic alone- is a major concern.

Parking and Wheelchair Access
There is inadequate parking/garage space in the proposed development application, with excess cars being forced to park on the existing street. Most dwellings have 2 cars these days, and this could see an increase of over 50 cars in the existing small street. Parking is already an issue, as the width of the road only allows for a single car to go through, if cars are parked on either side of the road.

I am a respite carer for my brother with a severe physical disability, who requires wheelchair access and ability to get a wheelchair out of a cars rear boot. There are already occasions when this is an issue, with limited disabled access for him entering/exiting a vehicle on Nerigai close, when regular parking is an issue. The increased cars parking on the road would further impede his ability to safely access our house.

Garbage Bins and Councils Ability to collect street waste
The increased garbage bins of 50 will congest the end of the street, making it a visual eye sore and a disgusting waste area. The council garbage truck already requires us to place our bins on one side of the road due to the inability for collection on both sides by council waste services. Additionally, the waste trucks have to reverse out of the street due to its width- which causes issues with cars entering and exiting their driveways. If a waste truck needs to turn around, they are forced to complete a 7 point turn (sometimes even getting bogged on people’s lawn space) in an attempt to drive out of the small street. Collection of an additional 50 bins is not practical.

Environmental Issues and Natural Causeway
18 Nerigai Close is currently an environmental oasis for animals. This area houses a variety of native animals and the proposal does not take into consideration any of the loss of vegetation or wildlife. The natural causeway supports natural water flow from the top of the hill. This may also be affected and we are concerned about issues such as drainage and possible flooding.

Visual Issues
The proposal does not take into consideration the area in which it is being developed. The proposed 25 two storey units are visually displeasing and make no attempt to integrate with the other properties or environmental features.

The 25 two storey dwellings is simply too large. The development is not practical and it is clearly a mass money making venture by the company. No consideration has been taken into the practicalities of the proposal nor does the proposal compliment the houses and the community that surround it.

To use the City of Newcastle’s words “Great Place, Great Lifestyle, Great Future”, the development proposal DA 2015/540, does not follow this mission statement in any way! Instead detrimentally affecting the street and neighbouring streets, the children who live here, the community we are and the environment we live in.

Thank you. Q. Robertson

delivered to the planning authority

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