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In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

Todd and Kelly CAMERON commented

We are formally objecting to the proposed development of 18 Nerigai Close Elermore Vale (NCC DA 2015/540. Lot:7 DP:842408) based on the following reasons as listed in this notice of objection.

1) ENVIRONMENT (Native Flora and Fauna).
> In the local area has many endangered and rare native flora and fauna, which, if the local 'pockets' of native bush land are removed/reduced/damaged will adversely affect the population of these species.
These species include [but NOT limited to]
• Southern brown bandicoot
• Ring tail possum, Brush tail possum, Glider possums
• Kingfisher
• Wallaby
• Reptiles
• Insects
• Birds
> The removal and/or reduction of the native bush land will not fit in with the local environment that is native Australian bush land, which residents (including myself) have established in their own properties.

Therefore, I would expect there would be a FULL Environmental Impact Study completed by an independent company and made publicly available for all the local area residences BEFORE these 'SAFE HAVENS' for these endangered and rare native flora and fauna are destroyed.

2) TRAFFIC (Increased Heavy vehicles during construction, Increased residential vehicles, Increased Heavy Residential Services vehicles).
> The proposed ONLY access to the development is via Nerigai Close. This is a narrow 'dead-ended' street that if 2x cars are parked opposite on either side of the road, only 1x car can pass between. The street is NOT straight and has poor vision of children playing, oncoming traffic etc.
> Nerigai Close already suffers from water damage (not known if mine subsidence is an issue). Extra traffic plus Heavy Construction and Delivery Vehicles may cause damage the road.
> Nerigai Close is NOT of suitable design construction and dimensions for Heavy construction and delivery vehicles. The feeder streets to Nerigai Close are also NOT suitable. There will be significant SAFETY issues with the size and frequency of these vehicles.
> The increase of residential vehicles will also cause significant SAFETY issues for Nerigai Close and the feeder streets.
> NCC waste services vehicles already struggle with the street conditions as they must reverse the whole way out of the street after collecting the waste bins from 1x side of the street then reverse the whole way back down the street to collect the other side, dodging oncoming traffic, dodging parked vehicles, navigating around bends with poor visibility.

Traffic is already a dangerous situation for these streets. Heavy vehicle movements and the extra residential traffic volume is NOT acceptable as SAFETY to drivers and residents WILL be compromised.

Therefore, I would expect there would be a FULL Traffic Study completed by an independent company and made publicly available for all the local area residences.

> The proposed development has NOT satisfactorily addressed the access of Emergency Services with only 1x access through a completely inadequate street and feeder streets. Should there be a need for Fire services to enter the development (for example), multiple fire units would NOT be able to enter effectively, efficiently and SAFELY.
> Should there be a need to evacuate the area because of an emergency (e.g.: bush fire, flooding etc), the inadequate street network would NOT be able to cope.

4) DRAINAGE (Storm water run off).
> The Natural water course for the whole area surrounding 18 Nerigai Close is through the proposed development site.
> During heavy and extreme weather events, this natural water course, which flows through 18 Nerigai Close, floods and over flows. The whole site acts as a 'buffer' area where water can collect and drain away at a slower rate reducing flooding lower downstream. If this site is developed, flooding may occur further downstream causing property damage and a risk to residents/public SAFETY.

This is NOT acceptable!

5) VISUAL IMPACT (Doesn't fit in with established area).
> The clearing of native Australian bush land does not fit in with the local established area.
> The 'High Density' design of the proposed development does NOT fit in with the local established area.

6) PARKING (Inadequate allocation and location of).
> With the proposed development of 25x two storey multi bedroom dwellings, the design has NOT adequately addressed the number of parking needed on site. Only 1x parking space is provided for each multi bedroom dwelling, with 11x parking spaces for visitors to the whole complex.
> These numbers are completely UNNACCEPTABLE! (even though they meet NCC's policies). On average, each dwelling will have more than one vehicle (noting that there is no public transport servicing the complex). Therefore the 11x visitor parking spaces will be occupied by the residents of the complex and any visitors and/or resident's extra vehicles will be in Nerigai close which has already been shown to be inadequate to cope with the extra vehicles causing major SAFETY issues (refer to items 2 & 3).

> The height of the development and location to property boundaries will adversely affect the neighbouring residents by a number of ways:
• Lack of privacy
• Noise
• Shadowing
> The height and design of the proposed development will have major visual impacts on the local established area as it does not fit in with the local established area

8) REFUSE/WASTE COLLECTION (Location of and servicing vehicle access).
> The location of the waste collection area is too close to established residences.
> The smell/odour from the waste collection area WILL impact adversely on the lives of those residents.
> The noise from the waste collection area WILL impact adversely on the lives of those residents.
> The access of Heavy vehicles to service the waste collection facility will cause major SAFETY issues (refer to item 2).

In closing, this proposed development DOES NOT / IS NOT fitting or suitable to the area due to the above items of objections. I urge NCC to REJECT the development application for 18 Nerigai Close, Elermore Vale based on those items listed and any results from independent studies and assessments that should be obtained prior to any decision for the approval of the development being made by NCC.
This development WILL drastically adversely affect the local area's aesthetics, flora & fauna, existing property valuations and traffic.
Residents SAFETY will be compromised by the proposed development (refer to items 2, 3 & 4).

delivered to the planning authority

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