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In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

John and Heather Stephens commented

We are writing to strongly object to the proposed development of lot 7 DP 842408 18 Nerigai Close Elermore Vale.

1. This development is highly inappropriate in the area proposed. It is to sit on a wedge of land at the very end of a 700 metre long narrow winding, series of three of no through roads (Kerry Ave, Melinda Ave and Nerigai Close). It abuts but is not connected by road to Robinia Close. This development consists of 25 tightly packed attached units either side of a narrow connecting road. At the Nerigai end sits what we can only assume is a refuse dump. It is not clear from the plans provided but it appears to be either a storage area for we assume is either 75 wheelie bins (normal, recycle and green) or, as has been suggested, several large skips. This repository is in very close proximity to the end houses of Nerigai Close and Kerry Avenue. This is a health risk!

2. Both the Melinda Estate (as was the development name of Melinda Ave and Nerigai Close area) and more recently Robinia Close had legally binding covenants on the land we built on. This limited us to non attached single story brick and tile construction. I believe the Melinda covenants have lapsed however all the houses have adhered to this standard. Robinia covenants still apply. The proposal is to wedge between these two estates a totally different style of multi story terraced construction. The diagram's provided are reminiscent of a tarted up 19th century English mill town. We the people of this area believe that the development of 18 Nerigai Close should comply if not legally then ethically and morally to the standards we have worked to. As proposed this development is totally out of step with the look and feel of the rest of Melinda, Nerigai and Robinia.

3. The land this is proposed to be built on has drainage problems. It is set between two watercourses. It is in effect a flood plain. One is an established retention basin and the one at the end of Nerigai is usually dry but floods easily after heavy rain. Considerable drainage work will have to be done once this is converted to a concrete desert. We believe the existing flooding problems in Croudace Road, Cheryl Close & Watkins Road will be exacerbated.

4. This development is an over development. With the current 25 units we can expect a population of probably 100 persons. This makes it as big as the total Melinda estate. This is an isolated area with the only access a 700 metre drive up Nerigai Cl, down Melinda and along Kerry to the one and only exit from this entire area, the junction of Kerry Ave and Watkins Road. Feeding this intersection are six dead-end roads namely Nerigai Close, Melinda Ave, Willow Close, Cheryl Close, Max Street and Duncan Close with a total of over 200 homes. Twenty years ago I had reason to address the full Newcastle council on another matter. As an aside, I had discussion with the then lord mayor John McNaughton, Councillor Sutton and several other councillors, in respect to this limited road access. It was agreed at that time that no further large scale development should be considered by Council until this single road access was resolved. I was shown the then existing plan to extend Kerry Ave to Cardiff Road. I believe to is no longer possible. I believe that for safety / fire access there should be an investigation of other possible exits from this area before approving this proposal. If approved it would close off the Kerry - Robinia corridor. This option is the only viable alternate entry to this area..

5. In Australia we have .78 cars per person (Australian bureau of statistics). With up to 100 persons in this development that equates to 78 cars. In reality it would probably be less than this, 50 to 60 is a possible realistic number. The plan shows spaces for 36?? I know this is all that is required by planing regulations (these must have been drawn up in the 1980's) but the remainder of homes in Melinda Estate have off street parking for at least two cars. However, there are always cars parked in the street. Where is the overflow of cars from the new development going to end up?? Parked up Nerigai Close?? This imposition of 50 cars will mean a heavy increase in traffic through Nerigai and Melinda of probably 100 plus movements per day. Additionally, the intersection of Melinda and Nerigai has sight limitations and should always be used with extreme caution.

6. Unless a car is used there are no services available to the future residents of 18 Nerigai Close. The nearest bus stop is more than a kilometre away. The nearest shops are over 2 kilometres away. The plan of this development shows no grass, trees or gardens in the main area of housing except for a small strip behind the second r ow of terraces. Where will the children play? Nerigai Close?? This is pretty poor for 100 people.

7. Road access for large trucks is very limited. There is no turning area currently available in Nerigai Close. Council garbage trucks come down the street and pick up bins from the left hand side of the road then reverse the 150 metres up the hill around the corner to where they can turn. Will the current residents be expected to put up with heavy truck movements and street parking during construction? This is a heavy impost on current residents!

John and Heather Stephens

delivered to the planning authority

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