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In Elermore Vale NSW on “Erection of 25 attached two...” at 18 Nerigai Close Elermore vale, NSW:

Kevin Barbie commented

We have a number of concerns regarding this development.

1. Traffic: Nerigai Close is only 7.5 metres wide & there is no way cars can pass safely when there is a car parked on the kerb.
I feel the easier alternative would be to come in from Kerry Avenue, if this development was to go ahead.
In 1997 an application for 9 dwellings was not approved for this site, because of the traffic flow in Kerry Avenue (also very narrow when cars parked on side of road).

2. Garbage collection: Council already has to send a smaller garbage removal truck to Nerigai Close as it is unable to turn around, because of it being too narrow. This subdivision has no street frontage, how will they expect to collect 50 waste bins.

3. The storm water runoff would be one of the main concerns. We have held three meetings in our street over this subdivision. Many of the residents were very concerned,as they have already experienced flooding in Croudace Road, Cheryl Close & Watkins Road.

4. Emergency exit for the surrounding streets is already a concern as the whole area relies on Kerry Avenue, this was raised by the fire brigade back in 1997.

5.Nerigai Close was built with strict building rules.Class 10, with minimum block sizes etc, this development does not meet these rules & goes against the existing infrastructure in this area. Also Robinia Close was also built under strict rules only ten yeas ago & having this development built at their back fences is very inconsiderate.Their back yards will never see the sun & their privacy will be taken away by this eyesaw.
Single storey dwellings would be more suitable.

6.Wildlife in this area, possums, frog mouth owls, bandicoots, blue tongue lizards , frilled neck lizards all have been sighted in this area.

7. Parking: With 25 units all jammed into this small space you will see Nerigai Close full of parked cars.

8. Future development was having Nerigai Close meet up with Kerry Avenue & go across to Cardiff Road. This development would not allow this.

delivered to the planning authority

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