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In Marrickville NSW on “To demolish existing...” at 2 Station Street Marrickville NSW 2204:

Karen Soo commented

Dear Marrickville Council,

We strongly oppose this I strongly oppose this development application due to excess bulk/scale of the proposed building and the impact this huge development would have on:
- Overshadowing and privacy for over 60 residents in both Schwebel and Leofrene Streets
- Parking
- Traffic
- Overcrowding
- Waste management and flooding
- Both pedestrian and public car access

Streetscape - Overshadowing and Privacy
The streetscape in this area shows there over 60 one level street houses along Leofrene and the north side of Schwebel Street which would be directly effected by such a huge and excessive building. To have a monstrosity of 8 stories towering, shadowing and overlooking the over 60 houses (approx. 150 residents) would remove the almost 150 residents from their afternoon light and privacy. Some houses with solar panels would be effected by the proposal. These basic amentities are legally required to be shared and considered based on the Land and Environment in the streetscape of this high density and high value area.

Note: This same developer has attempted to exceed Marrickville Council height restrictions has been non-compliance on a variety of issues in their previous DAs.

Excess Bulk and Scale
I find it extremely convenient for the developer that Marrickville Council has amended the maximum building height for the affected lots to 26m, the exact height of the proposed building. Generally, B2 Local Centre Marrickville LEP landing zoning deems a maximum building height of 20m for other nearby B2-zoned lots.

Floor Space Ratio Issue
The Floor Space Ratio (FSR) for the development is also non-compliant with Marrickville Council LEP planning map information. The FSR for the development is almost twice the council FSR limit of 3:1 at 5:68:1. It offends Marrickville Council and the community who endured a lengthy process to agree to such ratios to have a developer have no consideration what so ever for the council area's restrictions.

Parking Issue
The DA parking space allocation appears to be non-compliant with the Marrickville Development Control Plan 2011 (MDCP 2011). Quoting the DA Traffic Report: "a total of 42 spaces are required for the proposed development to comply with Council’s current DCP. The development proposes to provide a total of 21 parking spaces (17 residential spaces and 4 commercial spaces)." Please note that this is only half the amount of parking required to comply with MDCP 2011.

Insufficient Community and Public Space Commitment
The developer's proposed token 'dedicated' 1 Leofrene Avenue grass patch to Marrickville Council would mean all Marrickville Council rate payers will have to foot the bill for park maintenance as well as it being a very minimal community amenity in return for their multi-million profit being sought.

We completely oppose this 8 storey building and prior to any development being considered we request that a comprehensive independent impact study and detailed survey to all Marrickville residents should be conducted by the Council as to most effective, low impact and cohesive renewal of this area should be proposed.


Resident Schwebel Street

delivered to the planning authority

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