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In Artarmon NSW on “DA for alts/adds to...” at 290 Mowbray Road, Artarmon NSW 2064.:

Gordon Newell commented

I've been using the quiet back streets of Artarmon for many years to commute to town for work from Pymble as a cyclist. I have chosen Tindale and the cycle path through Artarmon as it offers some respite from the traffic in other areas. while Tindale is relatively quiet, over the years I have seen a trend for rat running where drivers take no care in other users, be it other drivers, pedestrians (including school children) or cyclists. Many travel at speed and flaunt stop and give way signs.

The streets while wide enough for two way traffic are not when cars park either side, as is the case at the top of Tindale near Mowbray Road and also towards Artarmon station. This applies to all the local roads in the area. While the traffic is not excessive, the peak times are from around 6:30am - 9am and then in the afternoon. I cannot comment for the peak times but around 5:45pm - 6pm when I pass through, there is generally speeding traffic.

With the inclusion of a child care centre utilising these quiet streets that Council blocked off many years ago to try and curtail the rat runs, now runs a mockery of Council and how they view the residence.

The development should be rejected for the following reasons:
* Narrow streets with inability to allow two way traffic due to parking either side of road
* Narrow streets not having capacity for increased usage and continual increase in cyclist movements
* Conflict with peak cyclists usage at the same time as peak usage of the day care centre
* Development not consistent with residential area
* Poor street lighting which may not meet code requirements for the high usage of vehicles and pedestrians if day care centre is approved

Gordon Newell

delivered to the planning authority

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